First month almost done!

Next week is spring break for us, and as I look back over the month, I am very excited. We have done a lot of great stuff. Just last night, we started working on our moon phase chart, and we were looking for Mars because it was supposed to be highly visible last evening. As I pointed to one bright light in the sky and said “I think that may be it” my youngest son said “No its not mommy, it’s twinkling, remember stars twinkle, planets don’t!” I was very impressed. I’ve decided to add some historical fiction to our history, as I’ve felt it was a little dry over the last few weeks. TOG is a great program for in depth thinking, but our only read-aloud this unit is Famous Men of the Middle Ages, and the kids like to hear stories. I went through the HOD/WP/Sonlight catalogs and looked at their programs from the same time period and chose some books I think they will like. Now, I just have to hope they are in the library! After spring break we move on to vikings and knights which I think my boys will enjoy! For next year, I plan to add the Time Travelers series to TOG as we move through American History, along with extra historical fiction read-alouds…I think this will add a “fun” aspect to the program. I am researching curriculum and have made and re-made my plans for next year several times. I think I have a good idea of what I am going to be doing, but I am waiting to attend my local homeschool conference next month so I can actually look at materials before making a final decision. Friday is pajama day in our house! I’ll be back after a week off!


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