We had a lot of fun this week in school. I added a few read alouds to our TOG history and the kids really enjoy it. They like the TOG books too, but adding some historical fiction has made it a little more exciting for them. We are reading Beorn the Proud and will finish it up next week. After that, I will add Adam of the Road to our study of knights. My children are also enjoying the series of “You Wouldn’t Want to Be” books by Fiona MacDonald. This week we read You Wouldn’t Want to be a Viking Explorer and they thought it was hilarious! In science, we studied space rocks with Apologia Astronomy. There is supposed to be a meteor shower this month that will allow us to get a first hand peek at some shooting stars (i hope:). I am impressed with how well my students are scoring on their math tests, especially my older son, who really doesn’t like math at all. He is enjoying his literature book, The Mysterious Benedict Society, which I highly recommend for boys! I am done with my planning for next week and we are going to try to squeeze in a field trip before the end of the month!


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