Homeschool Skedtrack

Personally, I like to grade my children’s work and print report cards. It may be the teacher in me! I was looking for something that would make this a little easier, and I did look into Homeschool Tracker and Edutrack. However, after checking out Homeschool Skedtrack (and seeing that it was free šŸ™‚ I decided to go with it instead.

Once I got started, I found the site easy to navigate. They have these nifty tutorial videos to help you get started. I watched them and played with the website for a while before setting it up. The site includes a planner and a gradebook. You are able to set up accounts for multiple children, and add daily assignments which you can then print out for the children to use as a schedule. You can also enter grades for assignments, and then the program will average the grades and you can print a report card.

You set up each subject you are using, and you can print transcripts as well. The transcripts look likeĀ the ones I remember from high school, and there are two formats you may choose from. The program also tracks days and hours on a calendar, which is useful if you need to keep track of that for your state. One caution: you must log in every day to record your child’s hours as completed. If you forget to log in, you will need to go back and manually add each activity for that day, instead of just checking off the day as a whole!

I think that for a free program, this is great. It provides enough hand-holding for someone unfamiliar with programs like this to use it easily. It’s a great way to track grades and homeschool hours, and it will even allow you to add hobbies/field trips as necessary. I am going to continue using Skedtrack, as I don’t see the other programs (which I would have to pay for) as offering that much more for my money! There is a link to this program on the side of my blog in the links category!! Check it out!


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