AARGH! Convention Fever

Okay, so my convention trip is one week away and I am in “planning” mode. I printed off convention planning sheets from donnayoung.org (I will add her to my links…I like her stuff. I think I will probably use some of her planning sheets next year as well). They are great because they are set up in columns by subject and you can make lists of what you want to look at for each subject. So I am in the process of sorting through all my mulitple lists (I swear, I have lists and papers all over the place:).

Next, I think I am going to highlight things I can look at by publisher (i.e. stuff to see at Rainbow Resource will be orange, stuff at BJU will be blue etc.). I plan to bring extra highlighters/pens/sticky notes to the convention with me so I can “cross off” stuff I decide I don’t want, highlight stuff in a different color that I want to look for online, and add stuff that I see that I want to look into further.

Then I’m going to take a look at my map so I at least have SOME idea of where the vendors I most want to see are located. Last year, I felt like I was lost in the exhibit hall. I’d looked at CLE and wanted to come back to them, but then it took me forever to find them again after I left!! Honestly, I feel like I am planning strategy for some major military invasion or something…I must be a crazy person…but I don’t mind, I do so love to look at all the books 🙂

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