Convention debrief

Well, I would say my trip to FPEA was a success. My son and I spent all day in the exhibit hall. We saw lots of great stuff. I  took a leap of faith and ordered a science program my son fell in love with. It’s called Exploration Education, and it is a physical science program with lots of experiments and projects. It looks really good. I should receive it in a month or so, so I will post more about it when I get  it. I will add the website to my links. I did get the polymers kit from ASK just because it  looks like so much fun. They are supposed to be adding new kits soon so hopefully next year we’ll be able to use more of them!

I think I have decided to get Chalkdust basic math for my older son next year. After viewing the video demo at the conference he said “Mom, I really get this!” and that’s what I want for him. Math is not his best subject, and it’s not mine either, so I wanted something that would help him to understand math. I plan to order that later this summer. I am also thinking about getting the Chalkdust math computer program for my 4th grade son next year. It looks like a lot of fun, and math is one of his strong suits, so I think that, supplemented with some math mammoth, will make a good program for him. I am also planning on using Life of Fred with my older son as well.

I picked up CLE reading for 4th and 7th grades next year. We did look at BJU, and while I liked the color aspect, it didn’t seem to offer more than CLE, but it did cost a lot more. I think both boys will be fine with that choice.

We also picked up IEW theme programs, US History based writing for my older, and All Things Fun and Fascinating for my younger son. As I have said before, we are all experienced with IEW and I think it is a really solid writing program for kids. I will do this alongside Rod and Staff grammar for language arts.

I also got some Notgrass bible studies for next year. My older son wanted to do their Psalms drawing program and I picked up Walking by Faith for my younger son. We used Explorers Bible study this year, but my kids really didn’t connect with it. I was looking for something a little more “fun” for next year. We will also be doing Apologia’s Who is God 3 days per week. I got to look at it at the conference and it is beautiful, so my kids will use Notgrass along with it.

I have to still flesh out some things, and order math and hopefully art, latin and spanish this summer. My head is spinning from looking at so much stuff, but it soooo helps to clarify my thinking when I can see things in person, so it is definitely worth it!

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