First quarter almost done!

Wow, I can’t believe we are getting close to the end of our first quarter of school. Looking back, I have to say I am pretty happy with what we’ve accomplished so far. The boys are working hard, and so am I 🙂 So far, I am happy with all of the curriculum we have used, and I’ve gotten a chance to test drive some great things through the TOS crew, which is giving me some good ideas for next year.

We’ve been going to our homeschool group for about 3 weeks now and that is going really well too. My oldest son is having a great time working on the “yearbook” staff and my youngest is enjoying Lego club. They both are making friends, and it’s been nice to spend time with other homeschool moms as well.

The other day, a friend of mine was over and asked if we planned to continue this all the way through high school. She was concerned about the lack of “socialization” the boys are getting. Honestly, we still take things year by year right now, but I see no reason not to continue. I feel my boys are getting just as much socialization now as they need. “Socializing” in school isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Anyway, the most important thing to me is for us to have time as a family, which is what we are getting now, and my boys haven’t expressed a desire to return to school at all. I admit, sometimes I still have that question lurking in my mind “Is it going to hurt them to not have the normal high school experience?”, but then I think, what is “normal” anyway? Not everyone goes to high school and has that beautiful time you see on TV, in fact, a lot of people don’t. If my boys are doing well, and they’re happy, that’s what’s most important right?

At any rate, we are getting ready to take our first break of the year, and it’s coming at a good time. We are all getting a little fidgety and I think some time off will do us good. We will have a week off, then get back to work until Thanksgiving. I can’t believe how fast it’s going!!

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