For this review I was given a download of LanSchool v7.4 Home edition to try out on our computers. This software allows you to track what is going on on different computers in your home. If you use a lot of computer-based learning in your homeschool, this could be very helpful in allowing you to monitor what your kids are doing while they are at the computer!

The home version allows you to monitor up to three computers. If you have multiple children working on the computer at the same time, you can see how this would be helpful. It is sometimes difficult to run back and forth and keep an eye on what everyone is doing, especially if you have other children in your home.  This is some of what LanSchool allows you to do:

  • monitor real-time thumbnails of home computers
  • limit distractions like the internet, games, and instant messaging
  • track internet history
  • log every keystroke typed on the computer
  • limit computer access by locking out the computer
  • provide help through remote control
  • chat with family members

   Now, I am not a real computer expert, and I did have to get my husband’s help with installing the program on our laptop and home computer, but once he did, I found it relatively easy to use. It was helpful when I had one child on the computer working on an online program, and I was working with another in the kitchen. My oldest son could “talk” to me by chat and ask me questions without me having to leave my other child. I also found it helpful to keep an “eye” on what they were doing, as I found out my younger child was playing a game when he was supposed to be working on spelling! 🙂

   The cost for the home version is $99.00, which is kind of pricey. If you don’t have kids who use the computer for school a lot, or you have your computer in an area where you can easily monitor what is going on, it may not be necessary. However, if you do most of your homeschooling online, and if your children use the computer in an area that you cannot easily see, you may want to consider investing in this program.

The website is:



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