Okay, so we are on our first week-long break since we started the school year, and I have to say, we needed it! 🙂 My boys have been working hard, but it hasn’t been as much “fun” as it was last year. It’s hard to explain, but it seems like we’re stuck in the drudgery of school, and we really aren’t enjoying it much. I plan to spend this week looking into things I can change, to make school more enjoyable for me, and my kids. One of the things I’ve been looking into is the Heart of Wisdom approach to homeschooling.

The website is here: http://heartofwisdom.com/   I stumbled across it when I was reading some homeschooling blogs. Robin, the author, has a great blog with lots of inspiration and encouragement for homeschooling. One of her recent posts “One Needful Thing” really struck me. I had to sit back and ask myself, “is God really the center of our homeschooling?” I want Him to be. I know my most important job is to raise Godly men, and I want that to be my focus, but being honest, it does feel like Bible has become just another “subject” we check off in our day. I wonder how many other people feel like that? We get so focused on schooling, that we lose sight of what our REAL purpose is.

Of course, I want my children to be smart, to know things, to be able to go onto college, careers, etc. But if they don’t have a REAL relationship with God, then what’s the point of all that other stuff? I downloaded the HOW ebook, and Robin points out that we can trust God with our children, and therefore, with our homeschooling. I thought about that, and it made sense. We know that the Lord loves our children even more than we do, and He wants His best for them. If we believe that, why is it so hard to turn our homeschooling over to him? The idea of scheduling by prayer was new for me….and a little scary! Those thoughts of, “what if I miss something important?” keep me up at night! But then I think, wait a minute, God is leading me, and He promises to lead us to where HE wants us to be..and where he wants us to be is EXACTLY the right place for us. So maybe I just need to take some pressure off myself and turn it over to Him?

I truly feel like God led me to HOW, and I’ve been requesting books from the library to give it a try when we get back to school next week. I’m hoping this will ignite that spark we need. I have to admit…the ideas of “delight-directed learning” and such are a BIG stretch for me 🙂 Seriously, the kids decide what they are going to learn about? But then again, if I’m forcing stuff down their throat just because…how much are they learning anyway? I know I need to do something different, so I’m going to give this a try…I’ll let you know how it goes!


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