Master Innovations: Master Fractions

I got to use Master Innovations Master Fractions program as part of my latest review for the TOS crew. I used it with my 4th grade son, and I have to say, we both liked it a lot. The Master Fractions program is part of Master Innovations LLC, which inlcudes the Master Ruler, Master Clock, and Marvels of Measurement poster. The kit I received came with the Master Fraction flip books, the Marvels of Measurement poster, and the Master Fractions workbook for grades 1-5

First, the flip books are three spiral bound books that actually “show” different equivalent fractions to your child.

With these books, kids can “see” how 1/3 and 1/6 are related, they simply flip the page from the “thirds” to the “sixths”. This made fractions very easy to understand for my concrete-loving boy. Fractions are also divided from fifths to twentieths, and halves to sixteenths. The workbook contains lots of practice in dividing fractions and covers everything from practice with comparing fractions to equivalent fractions and mixed numbers. Using the flip books made this very easy for my son to understand. There was just something about being able to “see” how the fractions work that made it really click with him!

The Master Innovations website contains videos of their products in use, which can help you get a feel for how you might use them in your homeschool, and lots of other information you may find useful. You can check it out here:

The poster I received included measurements broken down into different fractions. For example, 1 gallon was broken down into half-gallons, quarter-gallons, pints, and cups. I have to admit, I am one of those people who has to look up how many cups are in a gallon, and I found this visual VERY useful 🙂

The cost of this particular program will vary, depending on what you want to buy, but the base price for the flip books is $17.95, with the workbook costing an additional $15.95. If you have a child (like mine) who really needs to “see” something in order to get it, this is well worth the cost!

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