Since starting back to homeschooling this New Year I have noticed a few things. One: I am a LOT more comfortable with what I am doing now. With last year being my first year, and not even a full one at that, I had a lot of questions/doubts/concerns etc. Even with all my years experience as a classroom teacher, I still felt overwhelmed by bearing the sole responsibility of educating my own two children. As we have gone through this year, I am noticing that I am feeling a lot more confident now.

  For starters, as I’ve mentioned before, I stumbled across a few websites I found really encouraging. At the Heart of Wisdom website ( , Robin Sampson discusses how we need to trust God to guide us in our homeschool, just like we trust him to guide us in everything else. After reading and thinking about that, it was like I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. My husband and I truly believe that homeschooling is something God has called us to do. And He tells us that that which He has called us to He will equip us for. If I believe that homeschooling is God’s will for me, than I have to believe that He will give me what I need to do it, and do it well!

  I have begun to spend even more time in prayer about our homeschool path. I’ve written before about the changes I decided to make for this year, and I have to say, the results have been wonderful. I am a lot less stressed, and I feel like my children are happier and learning more. I also stumbled across the Titus 2 website, which has been a fantastic resource for me. While I am not exactly a “Managers of Our Schools” sort of mom, the info on scheduling for the home, and the topics on the mom’s and dad’s corners have offered a lot of ideas and encouragement to me. I also ordered the “Homeschooling with a Meek and Quiet Spirit” book and study guide, which I have been reading in the mornings after my Bible time, and I am finding it quite inspirational and challenging. You can check out the website here:

One of the main goals I have developed from reading this book is to be more consistent with implementing discipline, and also more careful about watching my own heart attitude with my children. In our Bible time during homeschool, I have focused on working with my kids to memorize scripture that we can apply to our homeschool each day (i.e. “Do all things without murmurings or disputings” Philippians 2:14), and I did purchase the Doorposts If-Then chart, which has been a huge help in structuring discipline for my kids.

I am looking forward to our next break (we are taking a week in February off, just because, as a teacher I used to notice that kids could use a break at that time), where I will again re-assess how we are doing, and begin sketching some plans for next year. For now, I am enjoying our homeschool journey, and I feel much better now that I have turned the reins over to God!


2 thoughts on “Musings

    • Like I said, I was a classroom teacher for many years, and I always noticed that about mid-February, during the time in-between Christmas and Spring Break, the kids just started to get antsy…and so did I. I always thought there should be a holiday in between those two. So, now that I’m homeschooling, I decided to take one! I think it will come at just the right time. I’d rather take a few, well-timed breaks to allow us time to take a breath and refresh ourselves, and come back to school with a good attitude, than fight tooth and nail when I don’t really feel like it!

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