Ten Marks Math

Ten Marks is the fourth online math program I’ve had the ability to use as a member of the TOS Crew. Ten Marks is similar to Math Essentials in that it offers both videos and worksheets for kids to do, the difference is the worksheets are done online.  The curriculum is guided by state standards and covers grades 3 and up!

Ten Marks offers a lot of individualization for each child. The parent assigns a child to a grade level, and the child is then given an assessment to determine where they are at. From there, they are assigned work based on what they need to know. This is similar to ALEKS Math, where kids work on their “pie” based on what skills they need to develop. Each week, the child is assigned worksheets (the standard number of worksheets if 4, but parents can adjust the number of worksheets for their kids through their master account). Parents are sent an email each week telling them how many worksheets have been assigned, and when they are due. Tests are assigned periodically as well. Here is a video from the website that explains a little more about how Ten Marks works:


Students log in and complete the 10-question worksheets (I had my kids do this over a 2-3 day period). As they complete worksheets successfully, they are given access to games they can play. My boys enjoyed the games! As a student goes through a worksheet, they are given the opportunity to ask for “hints” which are displayed on a sidebar, or watch a video about the concept. Videos consist of a whiteboard, with a narrator demonstrating and talking through how to solve a problem.

If a child performs poorly on a worksheet (which looks to be a performance of about 60% or less), they are given a “do-over” worksheet. Students are also given a chance to go back and correct problems they missed, again with the help of hints or a video. When a parent logs in to Ten Marks, they can see a report that tells them when a child logged in, what they were doing, how they did, and if they needed to watch any videos or have any hints to complete their work. This is helpful for letting parents know what areas their kids may need more help in!

While watching the videos, we did come across a few errors in some of the calculations. However, the Ten Marks staff is VERY responsive in clarifying and/or fixing things as they need to. There is a feedback tab you can click on to let them know when you see something that may need to be fixed, and they look into it very quickly. Overall, my 4th and 7th grade boys enjoyed Ten Marks. I found it easy to monitor and set-up as a parent, and the pricing is less than some of the other online math programs I have sampled.  The cost (per student) is $10.00/month, $49.00/6 months, or $89.00/year. If you’d like to check it out, click here:


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