Kid Scoop: Reluctant Reader Solution

Do you have a child that cries almost every time you say it’s time for reading? (I do) Are you looking for ways to make reading more fun and less of a fight? (I was) Well, if that’s the case, Kid Scoop may be for you!

For this review, I was given a download of Kid Scoop’s Reluctant Reader Solution, as well as access to their online publication the “Kid Scoop News”.  The program is designed to allow for daily reading practice that is fun and easy. As part of the Reluctant Reader Solution, you get to download 365 reading worksheets.  I know you may be thinking “worksheets? but those are sooo boring.” These worksheets are different. They range in topics from hockey to butterflies, to germs etc.  The worksheets typically consist of a short reading passage, and then activities that include puzzles, vocabulary, word searches, connect the dots….and on and on and on. The worksheets can be studied in chronological order or, you can just pick a topic and go with it.

I wanted to pick topics my younger son (the one who dislikes reading of any kind) would enjoy. We began with hockey, then went on to bigfoot and fire safety (because daddy is a fireman 🙂 ). Printing the worksheets was easy. Each topic has about 6-7 pages to go with it. You can use them all, or pick and choose certain ones.  I can honestly tell you that from the first day, this became the favorite part of my son’s reading time. Because the pages are fun, my son looks forward to them, and that seems to distract him from the fact that he is READING! Since the topics are interesting to him, he is motivated to read on his own and then complete any puzzles or activities that go with it. Some days, he asks to do more pages!!

Of course, we still do a daily reading program, but Kid Scoop is a great supplement to any program. For a child that is reading on their own (from about a 3rd grade level on up) they can do these without a lot of parent support, which means they’re great to use when you need to spend time with another child. I usually do these as a warm up before we begin our other reading instruction, and while my younger son is working on Kid Scoop, I can help my older with math.

I know it sounds fantastic already, but there is more! In addition to the worksheets, you also get access to 12 full-color editions of the online Kid Scoop Newspaper. The Kid Scoop News reminds me of the weekly Scholastic Newspapers my teacher used to get when I was in school! (I loved those things! 🙂 ) Each edition contains articles, puzzles, art projects, games etc. that kids can access online. I’ve begun allowing my son to spend his reading time on Friday perusing the online paper, and he looks forward to that too.  You can print the paper if you want to, or just allow your child to go through it online. My son likes to read online, because anything “computer” is cool. Usually he picks a couple of pages, reads it, then tells me if he wants me to print a game or activity.

The Reluctant Reader Solution costs $97.00, and comes with a 365 day unconditional money-back guarantee! How’s that for confidence in a project. You really have nothing to lose by checking it out. I’m very glad I got a chance to do so. The Kid Scoop website also has a newsletter with reading tips you can sign up for (free!) and other free activities for kids as well. Check out Kid Scoop here:


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