Math Rider

So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to review a few math facts practice programs for the TOS crew. However, I have to say that Math Rider has been the best. Using artificial intelligence, that adjusts the program to your child’s level, Math Rider allows your child to work towards mastery of all four math operations. Click here for a video about how it works:

My fourth grade son really enjoyed the “quests” in this game. (He’s a big fans of knights in general, so that was a bonus! 🙂 ) The game has three levels: easy, medium, and hard. Each operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) is played on each level. So the child begins with easy addition, and eventually works his way up to hard addition. As they play,  you can keep track of their mastery level by logging in and looking at their mastery chart:

(You can create an account for more than one child with this program, so each child has their own game) This will show you how far your child has gotten, and which facts are particularly difficult for them. As they play the game, facts that are missed are reviewed with an audible read out of the fact, and a visual representation at the same time.

The quests get progressively longer as the children move up in level, and each time, new backgrounds are added. The game is visually stimulating, but the focus is still on the learning.

As they play, children jump “hurdles” on their horse to practice each fact. If they answer the problem correctly before the horse reaches the hurdle, then it is cleared and they get points. If not, the fact is reviewed right then and there. I believe this goes a long way toward helping cement the fact in the child’s mind. My son has quickly moved up to the medium level in addition and subtraction, and is going to begin the medium level multiplication soon. The biggest thing for me, is that I have seen a BIG improvement in his mastery of facts in his daily math work. Division was something he was just learning, and it was a STRUGGLE, but now when we do math, I find he is getting those facts much quicker!! (and I don’t have to do endless drills with flash cards 🙂 )

Each day, he checks his “map” to see where he is on his quest, then he begins.

The program requires little input from me (other than when I check his chart to see how he is doing) which is good, because it frees me up to have some one on one time with my other son.  And the biggest thing is, he REALLY enjoys it! I don’t have to fight to get him to do it, and a lot of times he wants to complete more than just one section in a day. I truly think that by the time he is done with this program, he will have a very good mastery of the basic operations, and then, with a daily timed-practice or so, he should be able to keep them up. I also suspect he’ll want to continue to “play” math rider even after he masters it!

Math Rider costs $37.00, and is available as an instant download to your computer. This is a program we will definitely invest in, because mastery of the four operations is soooo essential in math, and this is by far the best program I’ve seen to help your child gain that mastery. You can check out the website here:


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