Great Books For Boys!

In a continuance of my previous post, I have another book I would like to recommend! I chose this book as a read-aloud for my reluctant- reader 4th grade son. It is co-written by Dave Barry, a humorist who has written many books that I have enjoyed, although this is his first book aimed at children.

The book tells the story of Peter Pan, and is the first in a series of books on Peter. As a child, the Disney movie of Peter Pan was always one of my favorites, and I’ve read the original book several times (and it makes a great read-aloud too). In choosing to read this book to my son, I was hoping to whet his appetite for more, which could (hopefully:) ) lead to his reading the rest of the series on his own.

The book is full of familiar characters like Captain Hook, the Lost Boys, and the Indians, but it also introduces new characters while telling the backstory of how Peter came to “Neverland”. My son loves Pirates, and he really enjoyed listening to me read about Hook, Smee, and the others! There were MANY times in this book when we both laughed out loud!

The story is well-written, and does a good job of explaining how Peter is able to fly, where the mermaids came from, and how Hook lost his hand. The chapters are written in tandem, going from the point of view of the Pirates, Peter and his friends, the Indians etc…all the while weaving a compelling storyline.

By the time we were finished, my son was already begging for more, and I have book two (Peter and the Shadow Thieves) on reserve at the library now. There are rumors that Disney is going to make this book into a movie, but as I tell my children frequently, the book is ALWAYS better! I am happy to see my son so excited about reading a book, and I would highly recommend this one as a read-aloud or read-alone for kids 4th grade and up who love adventure!


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