Big IQ Kids

Big IQ Kids is a web-based program that offers practice in spelling, math facts, vocabulary, and U.S. states/geography. Some of the programs are free, while others require a “premium” membership. Both of my boys, (4th and 7th grades) really enjoyed using this site. Here is a link to a video about Big IQ Kids:

We are studying U.S. history right now, and we used the states program A LOT. It teaches state capitals/locations/spellings etc. When your kids sign on, they will create an “avatar” from a selection of hair styles, clothes etc. My boys really enjoyed this part. After that, they can access any of the programs.

Each program has a virtual “tutor” who walks the kids through using the program. For the spelling program, kids can use pre-selected words based on their grade level, or you can add your own words (the same is true for the vocabulary program). With the math program, you can modify how many of each type of problem a student can have (i.e. 3-digit multiplication, 20%, 2-digit multiplication, 50%).

As kids go through the program, they earn coins which allow them to play games when they are finished. Certain games cost one coin, while others cost more. I had one child who saved his coins to play games, and another who used them right away. Generally, a lesson takes about 20 minutes.

We really enjoyed using this program, and I am looking forward to continuing to do so. In the summer, we do “light” schooling. I know both of my boys need to keep up with their math practice (the youngest is still mastering his facts), and I can see Big IQ kids as an “easy” way to get them to do this (translated: no arguments or tears 🙂 ) I am simply going to ask them to log on to Big IQ Kids once a day to do their math, and because they enjoy it, and it doesn’t take very long, I don’t expect it will be a problem. Big IQ Kids does have parts for the sight available for free, but there are benefits to the premium program. This video will help explain the difference:

I am always looking for ways to make learning the basics fun, and Big IQ Kids is a great way to do that!! The site does give you a 7-day trial for free, so you can check it out before you buy it (I always like that).  Access to the site for one-month for all programs (math, spelling, vocab, and U.S. states) will cost you $19.99 or 99.99 for 12 months. That’s pricey, I know, however, they also have rates for individual programs, the spelling will cost you $7.99/month, or $39.99./year, and the rates for the math are 9.99/month and 49.99/year. If I had to I would definitely pay for access to the math for the summer at least!

You can check out the website here:

This has been one of the most fun programs I have reviewed so far!

*** As a reviewer for the TOS Crew I was given free access to this website for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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