AAAhhhh…a break

Just when I’m about at the end of my rope, I find we have a break scheduled in that allows me some time to breathe and renew my focus. We took our spring break this week (the same time as our local public schools) and I am so glad we did!

One of the benefits of being a homeschooler is being able to set our own schedule. One thing I used to notice as a classroom teacher is how, at certain times of the year, teachers and students would become frustrated! I always thought that thoughtfully scheduled breaks would help with this, and as I was building my schedule this year, I made sure to include them!

This week off has given me (and my kids) time to catch our breath before beginning that long end-of-the-school-year stretch. I’ve also had some time to assess what (and how) we are doing, and think about what I would like to do (or change) for next year. I am currently in serious “research” mode for next year’s curriculum, and am making plans to attend our state homeschool conference in May. On the one hand, I LOVE looking into curriculum. On the other hand, I find it soooo hard to decide what I want 🙂 If I could have a little bit of everything, I would! (but my budget won’t allow that 😉 ) Right now, my biggest issues are math, science, and reading. I have been spending a LOT of time in prayer over these subjects, and now I’m just waiting for God’s guidance!

I am so very thankful for this opportunity I have to homeschool my children. As frustrated as I can get sometimes, I wouldn’t trade my time with them for ANYTHING! This break has been really good for us, and we have a couple of  “long weekends” scheduled before we finish our school year on June 3. I believe it’s important that we all take time to rest and rejuvenate, so we can go back into our schooling with some enthusiasm! I am looking forward to finishing out this year, and planning for next year!


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