Science Weekly

Science Weekly is an online/print publication that allows you to bring science topics to your children at their level! It includes reading, math, writing and critical thinking, all focused on a science topic you can include at your child’s level!

For this review, I received different levels of the Science Weekly publication on composting.  The levels go from K-6 and all of them feature different activities you can do based on the “topic”. My boys are in 4th and 7th grades, so we did levels C and E for them. The “magazine” (it reminds me of those Scholastic magazines we used to get in school) included an experiment, word searches, math puzzles etc. on the topic of composting.

We did the “experiment” together, which involved putting materials into a bag to watch them compost. Since this is spring, and we’ve been talking about planting a garden, this was a timely topic! But you should know, you also have access to an “online” version of the magazine, which includes different topics you can download and print!

Here is an example of some of the things that Science Weekly covers:

And here are some of their topics for this year:

I used this mainly as a supplement to our science program. We are already using a regular science  (Exploration Education) which is a lot of fun, however, sometimes we need a break, and sometimes our weeks are too “busy” to get into regular science. With Science Weekly, I feel I can still cover some basic science topics (my boys really like the online version on the pyramids) while also addressing other areas (like reading and math). I think that if you wanted to build a science program around this, you could, you would just have to add in some books from the library.

The cost of Science Weekly is $19.95 per student, per year, (for less than 20 subscriptions). You can order different levels that match your student’s grade level. To check out samples, look at the website:

There are also Teacher’s Notes available for an additional cost!

*I received a free sample of Science Weekly for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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