Nutrition 101: Choose Life!

Nutrition 101 is a book all about nutrition, health, and the human body! It is biblically-based and is offered to you by the Growing Healthy Homes website, a site dedicated to assisting families in achieving healthy lives!

The book contains 6 units, which include information on the body’s major systems, discussion questions, activities and some great recipes! (My kids and I REALLY enjoyed making them together 🙂 ). In the introduction, there is a “suggestion” as to how to schedule the activities in the book. I found this helpful, not because I always follow the set schedule that comes with a curriculum, but because I find it helpful to see where the author thinks good “stopping” points are, so I know how to break things up.

Nutrition 101 contains a LOT of really great factual information about the human body. It’s not JUST a nutrition book. I was honestly surprised when I received it, because I thought it was just going to be about “healthy living”. I was very pleased with the amount of scientific detail included.  I received a copy of the ebook, which I downloaded to my laptop and read out loud to my 4th and 7th grade boys. I’m thinking now, I would have liked to get a hard copy of the book for my 7th grader to read on his own, and I probably would have summarized some of the info for my 4th grader, because it does use some advanced vocabulary!However, we read it in “chunks” and just stopped to discuss/define things we didn’t understand as we went.

I really liked the discussion questions, because I thought they were very well thought out (example: Do you think playing video games exercises your brain? why or why not? Boy did my kids and I have some lively discussion about that one ;)). I also liked that the activities were divided into both elementary and secondary levels. This made it easier for me to differentiate between my boys. When we did the brain chapter, both of my boys did the “brush your teeth with the non-dominant hand” activity, but then I had my younger son play 20 questions and my older did a more research-based activity appropriate for his age. (However, he even found these activities enjoyable..particularly the cognitive quiz).

But now, I have to get to what I really loved about this book! The recipes! I am always on the lookout for new, healthy foods to add to our menu, and we had a lot of fun shopping for ingredients and cooking together. I think our favorites were the guacamole and the Greek Salad (yes, my kids LIKE salad, strange, I know!) but so far, all of the ones we’ve tried have been good. My boys have also had a lot of discussion with their dad about what they are learning during dinner, so that’s good too.

The appendix of Nutrition 101 is extensive, with information on everything from the food pyramid, to asthma, to mold, to how to select fresh produce (something I will admit I have trouble with!).  You can get a copy on CD-ROM for $79.95, or get a hard copy of the book for $99.95, or a combo of both for $129.95. I know this is expensive, but if you really want a fun way to introduce a healthy lifestyle to your family, this is it! I would definitely consider paying for the hard copy, only because I don’t have a great printer, and I find reading off the computer difficult at times! However, you could easily buy the CD-ROM and just print off the recipes/activities if you wanted to!

The Growing Healthy Homes website will be offering a free webinar about Nutrition 101 on their website tomorrow, from 4:00-5:30 EDT. There will also be a discount code for 10% off their products on their ad page in the spring issue of The Old Schoolhouse magazine.

Check out the website here:

**Note: I was given a FREE copy of this material for the purpose of writing a review for the TOS Crew. The views and opinions expressed are my own.


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