See The Light!

  See The Light is an art class that features artist Pat Knepley as your instructor. Each lesson progresses on the next beginning with basic art skills to advanced techniques. Volume 1 (which I received for this review)  includes the basics of art, from line drawing to drawing everyday items. Volume 2 moves on to shape and space, Volume 3 includes value and color, Volume 4, color blending techniques, Volume 5 is composition, Volume 6, texture and form, Volume 7 perspectives and landscape, Volume 8, balance and foreshortening (which means when an object seems “compressed”), and Volume 9 moves on to the “portrait”.

My particular children are not what I would call “art lovers” (beyond drawing sketches of cars and superheroes 🙂 ). However, I feel art instruction is very important. Not being an “artist” myself, I was looking for something easy, that we could all do together, that would introduce various art techniques to my kids.

The videos move in a step-by-step fashion that is very easy to follow, and only require basic art supplies (drawing pencils, crayons, erasers etc….at least for the first 4 DVD’s). Lessons aren’t too long, and Pat is enthusiastic, and very good about explaining things. See The Light is a Christian-based program, with the idea of “Drawing children to Him”, so there is Christian content in the lessons.

My children enjoyed this (as much as they can enjoy art) and by the time they were on the 4th DVD they were producing pretty good drawing of apples and other objects. I liked them because they were clear and easy to understand and not very drawn out. See the Light made art instruction easy to do in my house!!

The DVD’s (which include 36 lessons) cost $99.00.  See the Light also offers an online subscription to their art classes for $10.00 per month. With the subscription, you unlock four lessons a month, while maintaining access to previous lessons. You can find out more about the online option in the store on the See the Light website.  The cost could be a bit much, if you are trying to be frugal in your homeschooling (which I am 😉 ) However, if you are not particularly inclined in this area, and you have a child who is interested in art, I believe they are worth consideration. You can sample some free lessons on the See The Light website here:

**Note: I received a free sample of this curriculum for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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