Yesterday’s Classics

 How would you like to have literally hundreds of classic books to use for school (or fun) with your children at your fingertips? With Yesterday’s Classics, you can!!

Yesterday’s Classics offers HUNDREDS of classic books for children, published from 1880 to 1920 available for download to your Kindle, EReader device or computer. Many of the available books are used with popular literature- based homeschool curriculums like Ambleside Online, Tapestry of Grace, Heart of Dakota, My Father’s World etc. Imagine, the days of scouring used book sales, libraries, garage sales etc. could be over! Just thinking about the TIME this would save makes me smile. 🙂

I, unfortunately, do not own a Kindle or EReader device at the moment. However, I simply downloaded the free kindle/ereader software available online and viola!, instant access to the books. Information about this available software is included, as is a list of books arranged by level (i.e. ages 5-7), genre, title and author. Once I got comfortable with the software, I found it easy to navigate the vast numbers of books, and each book has a table of contents, making it easy to find your place as you are reading.

Some of the genres include: science, world history, American History, fables, poetry, Christmas stories, Ancient Rome, and the list just goes on and on! Illustrations are included in the books, and you can download them onto as many devices as you want. I actually downloaded the Kindle version onto one computer, and the EReader version onto another. Now, the files did take a WHILE to download, and we have a pretty fast internet connection, but once I was done, that was it!

In the time I have had Yesterday’s Classics, I’ve used quite a few of the books. Mostly, I use them as read-alouds for my boys (American Stories, Aesop’s Fables, the Child’s Book of Verse being our favorites so far). I’ve read Pilgrim’s Progress myself, just because I’ve always wanted to!! (surprising, I know, but I’ve never read it before! 🙂 ). However, my older son could easily handle reading many of these books on his own, and I believe I will incorporate that more into our homeschooling as we move on (especially for history!)

Did I mention that Yesterday’s Classics also includes email support in case you have any trouble with your downloads? They are very helpful, quick and responsive. New titles are also published regularly.  They even have a free sample book available on the website (The Dutch Twins) so you can check it out if you want before you get it!

You must be wondering at this point, how much does it cost? Well, to download these files individually would cost HUNDREDS of dollars. However, from now until May 31st, Yesterday’s Classics is offering the package of 225 titles for a special price of$99.95! Think about it, that’s about $2.25 per book!! Yes, we all know how to use inter-library loan to get books, but that takes time and energy to find, reserve, and hope the books aren’t checked out when you need them (I hate it when that happens!). And, like anyone else, I love a good-old garage sale to look for books as well, but to have ALL of these books at your fingertips for that price!! To me, it’s a steal! As homeschooling moms, we often have so many “jobs” that our time is limited, and anything that can save me large amounts of time, is a blessing! This is one of them! You can check out their sale by clicking on this link:

You can also check out the Yesterday’s Classics website, to get more information and take a look at the sample book here:

This is ABSOLUTELY something I would recommend to any homeschooler looking for quality classic children’s literature!

**NOTE: I received this program for free for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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