Where's Edna?

Do you remember those “Where’s Waldo?” books that were oh-so-popular way back when? (Yes, I know, I’m showing my age 🙂 ) Well, the TOS Crew is offering a fun, online, blog-hopping version of that game.

From now (July 27), until Friday July 8th, you have the opportunity to enter an “online” scavenger hunt to find Edna, our crew mascot!! The game is simple: you will visit 28 different blogs and find the “Where’s Edna?” button SOMEWHERE on the page. A lot of times, it’s in a sidebar, but some of them are a little bit hidden, so you may have to poke around. Under the button, you will see some keywords, write those down, and when you are done, fill out the form! One TOS crew member and one non-crew member will be chosen as winner, and they will receive the Schoolhouse Planner of their choice!! (I’m thinking about the middle school one myself!).

As a side benefit, you get to check out some really great blogs! I’ve found several new ones I am now following! If you’d like to play, click here for the forms and directions you need. Happy Hunting!

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