A HUGE sigh of relief!!

Well, I finally got to order my curriculum for this school year this week! I feel sooooo much better now! School is about two and half weeks away, and I hadn’t gotten anything yet and it was really stressing me out. As always, however, the Lord provided a way, and I was not only able to order my stuff, but just about all of it should be here before we start! I am continually amazed at how God is able to work things out in my life, and this is just another reminder about how, instead of stressing out, I just need to relax and trust him!

Of course, now I have to start getting organized for next year…guess that means I’ve got some cleaning to do! 🙂 Once I get that done, I’ll post about what curriculum we will be using…making the final decisions was sooooo hard, but I feel really good about my choices and I’m looking forward to starting up again!

Now that I’m really excited about school ,  I’m off to stalk my mailman and UPS delivery guy! I can’t wait to get all my boxes.  🙂

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