First week wrap-up!!

Well, we completed our first week of school and we had a great time!! 🙂 My kids are  LOVING the curriculum we are using this year. They really enjoy the stories and color in the Mosdos reader’s, my older son says Lial’s Pre-Algebra (with the DVD’s) is soooo much easier for him to understand, and they are both enjoying the SOS Spanish! Our first week of history and science went really well. I did decide to try the block schedule for those subjects, and it seems to work much better. I am amazed at how my combo Apologia/SL science is working out. Both boys are really enjoying it, and they are looking forward to uncovering our “mummified” apple tomorrow. Forensics is another favorite (I knew it would be). This week I just introduced them to the books we would be using, and we did some study on handwriting analysis. This week we will be doing a handwriting analysis lab, as well as making an edible cell. I have to say, I am again looking forward to school tomorrow, and so are the boys, which is awesome!

our mummified apple--Day 1