(Not) Back to School!

This month’s blog hop is focused on how we celebrate NOT going back to school! I remember my school days…buying backpacks and school supplies, hoping your teacher would be nice and your friends would be in your class, wondering what time lunch was going to be. As homeschoolers, my children do not participate in most of these traditions. Yes, we do buy school supplies together, but they know who their teacher is (Mom) and who their classmates are (each other), and when lunch is (whenever we get hungry!). Nevertheless, we do have some things we do to celebrate the start of our school year.

First, our local homeschool group has a beach breakfast at the start of every school year. The breakfast is usually held on the first day of school for our local public schools. We meet at a local beach (usually one with a playground as well) and everyone brings food to share. After breakfast the kids play games and the families hang out on the beach. We had a lot of fun this year catching up with our friends, finding out about their summers and learning what they would be doing in school this year.

We also have a family tradition of going out to breakfast at a local restaurant on the first and last days of our school year. This is something my kids really look forward to, because we don’t go out a lot! Once we get home, our first day is usually pretty simple. We talk about what we will be studying this year, the kids set up their notebooks and get to look at their books, and we talk about our schedule.

Speaking of scheduling, I find it funny that many of my friends who don’t homeschool seem to think I have a lot of free time on my hands every day. They ask me out to lunch, or to run an errand for them, or call in the middle of the day. I feel like our days are even busier since we started homeschooling sometimes, but we are doing things we choose to do, not things we have to do. We participate in a homeschool group and a homeschool running club, both of my kids take music lessons (one plays guitar, the other is a drummer), we have family trips to the beach, the park, museums etc. My boys are definitely more involved in things now than they ever were, and I know we would not have time for most of this if they were in school. I guess that is part of the reason we choose to homeschool in the first place!

10 thoughts on “(Not) Back to School!

  1. A beach breakfast?!?! I am totally jealous!! 🙂

    Our former homeschool group always has a big pool party on the PS first day of school and that was fun. We just moved and are just getting to know our new group…so I’m not sure about their tradition:) But I’m all for the beach!

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