We had a good week this week, although I am still having trouble with some of my pictures!! We did another forensics lab, this one involving different lipstick stains. I didn’t realize the effect acetone could have on lipstick…but that’s what I love about homeschool, I get to learn along with my kids!!

We took some time away from our regular studies these past two weeks to do the September 11 lapbook from Hands of a Child. My husband is a firefighter, and 9/11 holds special meaning to us. We think it is so important for us to remember what happened that day. My kids were only 3 and 4 months old when it happened…so all they really know of it is what they see on TV. But, I will never forget that day. I thought the lapbook was tastefully done, with lots of info, but it gave you, as the parent, lots of room to delve in deeper, or not, as you chose!

We have finished our Time Travelers Early 19th Century CD, and we will be putting our lapbook for that together next week as we wrap things up. After this, it’s off to the first week of Winter Promise American Cultures. I am soooo excited!! I need to spend this weekend planning and requesting books from the library! Hope you all have a great weekend!


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