Games for competitors has won a few awards for Tri-Cross, a strategy game for players 8 and up. The game was created by an Atlanta father-son team and is hailed as the “new chess”. The game itself is also environmentally friendly!

The game design itself is very attractive, and comes with instructions. There is also a tutorial DVD showing different examples of moves on the board, and you-tube videos available on the website.

I have to admit, at first this game seemed a little complicated to me! However, both my husband and my sons enjoy strategy games, they play Risk and Chess often, and after watching the tutorials, we got the hang of things pretty quickly! I haven’t won a game yet, but I enjoy playing!

There are also different variations to the game, such as face-down play, which add a new dimension to the game. We enjoy family game night at our house, and Tri-cross has been a great addition to these nights for us. I love the fact that it requires my boys to really *think* before they move. Strategy games often seem akin to logic puzzles to me…and anything that is fun AND causes us to exercise our brains is a winner here!!

If you would like to learn more, check out the Tri-Cross website here:

Tri-Cross comes in different versions. Standard is $24.95, the Wood Version is $35.95, the Travel/ Eco-Version is $19.95. If you have kids that love to play games that make them think, this one is definitely for you!

***Disclaimer: I was given a free edition of this game for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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