Aletheia Writing Magazine

Do you have a budding author, poet, artist or photographer in your home? If you do, they would probably be interested in this magazine! Aletheia is a magazine for Christian teens, by Christian teens! It contains short stories, poems, pictures, contests, interviews, book reviews and more. The stories range from realistic drama, to fantasy, fables and even non-fiction pieces.

For this review, I received a copy of the Fall 2011 issue, and I also got to check out a sample online. The first thing I did was peruse the magazine myself, because I always like to check something out before handing it off to my kids!! I have to say I was impressed with the quality of this magazine. The stories are very well-written, exciting and beautiful, and the pictures and photographs were gorgeous.

My son can be picky about what he reads, but he really enjoyed the story “Awake: The Tale of Alatar the Blue”, and the interview with Joe Goode, for the “Into the Artist’s Studio” portion of the magazine. This portion focuses on an interview with a Christian artist (in this case, Joe Goode is an illustrator, but in other magazines they have interviews with scripwriters and other types of artists as well). He also asked me if he could participate in the “Writer’s Challenge”, which was to write a poem for a photograph in the magazine.

The Aletheia website is full of information for writers and artists as well. On their FAQ page they answer specific questions about the types of submissions they are looking for and how to submit your work. They also have a page of “writing tips” for teens to use when preparing a submission. They have even created a blog for Christian teens to share their thoughts and ideas! You can check that out here:

Aletheia was created by a husband and wife team, who wanted to offer a “quality literary and artistic publication that nurtures spiritually-minded creativity from
Christian teens”. They have done just that! A subscription to Aletheia will cost $26.00 (for those in the U.S.) and $29.00 (for those in Canada). At that price you get 4 full-color issues per year. If you have a child who is interested in looking for an outlet to publish their work, Aletheia would be a great place to start, and a subscription to the magazine may bring those writers of yours some needed inspiration. You can find out more about Aletheia, and even check out a sample of the magazine at their website:

***Disclaimer: I was given a free issue of this magazine for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


5 thoughts on “Aletheia Writing Magazine

  1. I was glad to read this review! Lately my DD (14) is really taking more of an interest in writing, and boy am I happy about that. The part about the magazine being by teens certainly caught my attention. I will let her explore the magazine via your link to see what she thinks.

    If anyone is interested, I just noticed Time4Writing is offering lots of great freebies resources for writing at their site now. Here is the link:


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