The Holidays in our School

This time of year, I always search for ways to incorporate the study of Christmas into our schooling and day to day lives. I find it is so easy to get caught up in the Holiday madness, and we often lose sight of WHY we are really celebrating at all.  This year, I’ve found a few things we are using to help keep our focus on Jesus, and our eyes on what the true meaning of Christmas is.

For starters, we are taking a break from our usual Bible study this month and instead are using Notgrass Company’s Celebrate the Savior unit study. My boys are both really enjoying this! The unit study contains lessons about the history of Christmas, Jesus’ birth, and Christmas traditions from around the world. It has lots of crafts, which my kids really like, and so far, we’ve made baby books for Jesus, and are currently working on a book about holiday traditions from around the world. The books my boys made are really nice, and will make a great keepsake for them. This is a fun way to start our school days in December.

After doing some research, I was also able to find a few books at my library that we are using for our evening story/bible time. The first is Celebrate Jesus at Christmas. This is a family devotional book with a reading/activity for each night of advent. The book includes Bible readings, discussion questions, songs, and a really neat study of the events leading up to Jesus’ birth. As you read each day, you slowly set up your nativity too. Currently, we have the animals in our stable, with Mary and Joseph on the bookshelf making their journey toward it, and the shepherds and wise men in  various places waiting for their turn to take part in the celebration of our Lord’s birth. My older son made the comment that “It’s cool to see HOW everything is taking place” 🙂 They both look forward to each nights reading to see how we are going to move things along!

We are also reading The Angel and the Christmas Rabbit, which I think I am just going to have to order from Amazon! It’s the cutest book of 24 advent stories, and my kids love it. They take turns reading the short stories, that are basically a conversation between a little angel and an old, wise rabbit. The stories go along well with our Bible readings.

For my own personal Bible study this month, I have been reading Pocket Full of Christmas a devotional book with a different study for each day of December. This book touches on a lot of different topics, but is really about keeping the focus on Christ during the holiday season. This has been an awesome way for me to start each of my mornings. I have really been able to delve into God’s word, and focus on savoring the joy of the birth of Christ each day.

My goal for this Christmas season is to live each day with joyful anticipation of Jesus’s birth. I don’t want to stress about gifts, decorations, parties etc…and find that once again, another Christmas has passed me by without me being still enough to enjoy it!!


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