Starting Fresh!

Happy New Year everybody! After taking a much-needed break and enjoying some family time I am very excited to be “back to school” once again. I love that we can take some time off when necessary, in order to relax and recharge. We had a wonderful holiday, but I think even my boys were happy to get back to school again.

Over the break, I did spend some time thinking about how our school year has gone so far, and I’ve decided to change a few things for this next semester. We are going more relaxed on our history, doing fewer projects, but spending time going more in-depth with those things we are studying. We are beginning to get into some really meaty parts of American History, and I want us to be able to take our time and explore some rabbit trails if my boys want to!

We have some field trips coming up with our homeschool group that we are really looking forward to. This month we are going to Fort Christmas, a place where we will explore what life was like for Florida Pioneers! We are going to get to make syrup, see pioneer era houses, do woodworking and all kinds of cool stuff! Next month, we are going to go to the new Legoland theme park, and my youngest son CANNOT wait! He loves legos! While we are there, we are going to do a group “physics” class based around legos, and get to explore the park!

I am, as always, so thankful that I am a homeschool mom, who gets the opportunity to spend time with my kids every day, and I am really looking forward to what the rest of this year holds!! (of course, NEXT year is always in the back of my mind….high school for my oldest!! oh boy…:) )

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