Do you have a child who has so much to say, but struggles desperately with writing? Are they an older student who still spells written words phonetically? I do! My 5th grader is full of great ideas and loves to tell stories. He is also excellent at narrating back what he has read, however, when it comes to writing words on the page, the tears come out. Spelling is very difficult for him and he gets VERY frustrated when trying to use a dictionary to look up words. Usually he either asks me to spell it for him, or he just gives up. Fortunately, I got to review See-N-Spell, which was created by the people who make See-N-Read reading tools.  It has been a huge help to my son with his writing.

The See-N-Spell quick reference guide is very easy to use (much simpler than the various dictionaries I have at home!).  All of the words are organized alphabetically, so as long as the child knows the letter the word starts with, he can turn to that page and find the word. Each page has multiple words listed by part of speech, and at the bottom are common homophones (i.e. tail and tale) with a definition of each. This is great when a child is trying to figure out which word to use. At the back of the book there are pages of commonly misspelled more difficult words also listed alphabetically (i.e. synonymous, outrageous etc.). There are also pages for kids to write their own “special interest” words that they use as well.

The first day we used See-N-Spell, I showed it to my son and went over how it was set up, and he took it for there. We keep it handy on our homeschool table so he can grab it whenever he needs it. I’ve found him using it for all types of writing, both formal writing we do for English, and also for stories he is writing, things he wants to write for history, science and so on. It has really cut down on a LOT of his frustration when it comes to spelling! I will note, this is NOT designed to be a spelling program, just more of a reference guide, but it suits that task perfectly.

Also included with See-N-Spell is one of the handy See-N-Read reading tools!

I LOVE these things. I used something very similar in my classroom when I was teaching. They are GREAT for helping struggling readers track text as they read. Often times, my students with disabilities and readers who were struggling had a hard time keeping track of the words on the page as they were reading. It was like the letters were “swimming across the page”. They would usually lose track of where they were, and have to go back and reread over and over.  Needless to say, this made reading very frustrating and NOT enjoyable at all. The See-N-Read reading tool helps with this. The student places the tool over the page they are reading, and each line they are currently on shows up in the clear bar on the tool As the student reads, they simply move the tool down the page. It keeps the kids focus on the line they are reading, so they are not distracted by all the rest of the print/pictures on the page. It is also another thing that is VERY easy to use!!

You can purchase See-N-Spell for only $9.99 and a free reading tool is included. In my opinion, it is definitely worth that price!! See-N-Read also has other tools available for struggling readers, you can check them out on their website here:

**Note: I was given a free copy of this program for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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