I don’t know about you, but I love using all-natural products as much as possible! So when I found out I was going to get to review some products from Beeyoutiful, I was really excited!! Beeyoutiful carries all kinds of all-natural hair and skin care products as well as nutritional supplements. For my review, I got to try out the Peppermint Lip BALM and the Hair Shine leave-in conditioner.

The Lip BALM is available in orange or peppermint and is made out of grape seed oil, shea butter, beeswax and other essential oils. The peppermint smelled really good, and gave my lips a nice, tingly feeling when I put it on. We are outside a lot, and I find my lips are often dry. I have resorted to using vaseline on my lips in order to keep them from getting chapped. I found the Beeyoutiful Lip Balm to be very effective at keeping my lips moisturized. I also put it on at night before going to bed and when I get up my lips are soft and smooth!! The Lip BALM only costs $3.00, and these usually last a while, so the cost seems very reasonable to me.

The second Beeyoutiful product I got to use was the Hair Shine spray-in conditioner. Now, I have to say, I am very cautious about what I put in my hair, so I did show this product to my hairdresser friend prior to using it. She thought it looked great, so I decided to give it a try. As I mentioned before, we spend a LOT of time outside, and also in the water (the pool, the beach etc.) so I am constantly worried about the effect all of that has on my hair. I do try to wear a hat, and rinse my hair as soon as possible after swimming, but overwashing can dry out your hair too!

The Hair Shine spray has a nice citrus-type smell to it. It is made out of aloe and the essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and citrus. I used this whenever I got out of the shower. I would just towel-dry my hair and then spray the Hair Shine on and comb it through. My hair definitely detangled easier, and it was soft and shiny!! (My youngest would pat my head and say “mommy, your hair is so soft” 🙂 ). The Beeyoutiful website says the Hair Shine will even work as an all-over body spray and it will help with sunburn and bug bites!! We haven’t had any sunburn lately, but we did try it out on some mosquito bites and it seemed to work very well. Hair Shine normally costs $15.00, but is on sale now for $12.75. That is certainly more expensive than most “XYZ” leave in conditioners at my local Walmart, however, it seems to me that products with all-natural ingredients seem to cost more in general and this price is in line with other natural hair and skin care products I have seen.

The Beeyoutiful website features videos about the products as well as a section of articles related to all kinds of healthy living topics. You can check it out here:

Note: I received these products free of charge for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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