K-5 Learning

K5 Learning is a web-based program that offers activities in the areas of reading, math, and spelling. The instruction is completely independent, and it allows children to progress through the program at their own pace. K5 offers detailed reports for parents, so you can easily check up on what your kids are doing, and you can also schedule lessons and activities for your child if you choose.

I used K5 primarily for the reading program, which is an area my younger son (5th grade) really needs to work on. I have to say, I was VERY impressed with K5. We started with the reading assessment, which tested my son in the areas of phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary and comprehension. After the assessment, I was given a detailed report about where my child performed in each area.

The assessment really was on target for where I felt my son is at. He still needs work on his phonics, but his vocabulary and comprehension are defiinitely on target. K5 then builds a program built on the skills your child needs to learn. For my son, this included short phonics lessons, as well as vocabulary and comprehension.

My son didn’t enjoy the phonics, but that’s mainly because that is an area of difficulty for him. I thought the lessons were very well done, and they were short (about 20 minutes) which is good. He did however, enjoy both the vocabulary and the comprehension lessons.

The vocabulary consisted of a short list of words kids would be able to hear read to them, then have a definition given, and finally, answer a multiple choice question about the word. After that, they get to complete a crossword puzzle using the words. The comprehension consists of stories that kids can read to themselves, or have K5 “students” read out loud. As they read the story, they work on different skills (i.e. fact vs. opinion, cause and effect etc.) Students answer questions, put events in order, form and change opinions etc. based on what they read in the stories.

The first story for my son was about samurai’s, so naturally it was a big hit with him!! That brings me to another point, for a reluctant reader, it is SO important that the reading they do interests them. There is nothing worse than trying to get a child who hates to read, to read something they think is stupid!! I did not have that problem at all with K5. My son has loved all of the stories so far, and that makes getting him to do his work SO much easier!

I was very impressed with the quality of instruction K5 offers. The lessons on fact and opinion, cause and effect etc. were so spot on! As a reading teacher, I understand how difficult it can be for some kids to grasp those more abstract parts of reading (i.e. inferences!!), but the instruction K5 offers makes those concepts very easy to understand! As I said earlier, the lessons were short, which was another bonus for my very-active-can’t-sit-still little boy. Usually, I have a hard time getting him to work even on the computer, but, since he knew this lesson wouldn’t last FOREVER (in his eyes 🙂 ) getting him to do it wasn’t a problem.

Parents create their own account on K5, so you can log in whenever you want to check on your childs’ progress. There are many different reports, such as overall progress, time on task,and assessment reports. The K5 program assigns lessons to your child based on their assessment, but as the parent you can add lessons as well.

I, personally, really really like this program. It is one I am seriously thinking of trying to continue with my son if I can work it into the budget. A K5 subscription costs $25 per month for the first child, $15 per month for each additional child. A one-year subscription will cost you $199 for the first child, $129 for additional children. I know I don’t have an additional $200 dollars in my budget right now, but I would consider paying on a monthly basis for at least a while. I would love to check out the spelling and math programs as well, but for this time we focused mainly on the reading. K5 does have a 14 day free trial, so you can check it out before you buy! You can get more info at their website:

NOTE: I was given free access to this website for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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