Art of Argument

Arguing is something that seems to come naturally to teenagers (at least to mine!!), but knowing how to argue a point well, and recognize flaws in others arguments, is a skill that doesn’t come as naturally. Art of Argument by Classical Academic Press is designed to teach students how to recognize fallacies in real life.

The student text comes in a workbook format, which is really nice, and features instruction on 28 fallacies. Lessons include “ads” that illustrate the fallacy, and allow your child to see HOW these fallacies are used to promote products every day! Each lesson starts with a clear definition of the fallacy, followed by examples to illustrate it.

The teachers edition is a copy of the student workbook, with answers and tests and quizzes in the back. You can also get the DVD that goes with the program, and features a teacher leading discussions about the fallacies with students!

My older son has done other fallacy programs, so he is familiar with many of the concepts presented here. However, I REALLY liked the workbook format and teachers edition. They allowed me to see my son working through the fallacy, and, if I didn’t have the time to read through everything myself (which I try to do, but honestly, can’t always get around to as I have my younger son to teach as well), I could just refer to the teachers edition for the answers.

I also liked the ads that were featured in Art of Argument. Often, after looking at them, my son and I could go through the newspaper and magazines that we have around the house to identify the fallacies in other ads. I think being able to recognize these will help make my son a smarter consumer.

The DVD was a nice addition to the program. I wouldn’t say it is absolutely necessary, but the teacher does a good job of leading the students through a discussion about the fallacy, and after watching my son and I were able to talk about the discussion and elaborate on things the students and teacher brought up.

The cost for this program varies, depending on what you want to buy. The student edition for Art of Argument costs $21.95 and the teachers edition will run you $24.95, the DVD set costs $54.95 . You can also buy the “bundle” which includes the student edition, teachers edition and DVD for $88.95.

I felt this was a very worthwhile program. It led to many great discussions for me and my son. As I said, I think the student and teachers editions would be enough, but if you have the money to buy the DVD, then get it!

You can learn more about the Art of Argument here:

NOTE: I received a free copy of this product for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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