World Writing Program

Write with World is a two-year middle school writing curriculum from the publishers of World Magazine. The curriculum comes with student and teacher books, as well as access to an online website that provides additional support, writing prompts, a teacher forum and opportunities for students to have their work published.

This curriculum covers far more than just writing. It encourages your child to read critically, evaluate advertisments and other media, and analyze samples of writing.

My 8th grade son is a pretty decent writer, the problem is getting him MOTIVATED to write. I will say, I did NOT have this problem with Write with World. My son actually enjoyed this program a lot. The units are organized into 5 capsules, so you can do one each day. The lessons are not too lengthy, which was good for us. Your child will need a notebook to complete the work.

I found the teachers guide to be thorough and helpful. It had additional suggestions to help with each lessons, and even ideas for how to prompt your student along if they are having trouble. The first unit began with an analysis of advertisements, which is a good topic to discuss at this age. Vocabulary and grammar lessons are also included within the capsules, and I like that they are presented in the context of writing.

I was impressed with the range of topics included in Write with World, from simple sentence structure to autobiography and writing narratives. This program is designed to use low-stakes evaluation, in order to take the pressure off of students as they write. Students keep a portfolio of their work, and as they go through the program, they can see their own progress as writers.

As I said, my son really enjoyed this writing program, which makes it valuable in itself!! I have noticed that as my kids get older, writing programs (like everything else) become more and more expensive. The cost of Write with World is $95.00 for each year, or $165.00 if you want to buy both years 1 and 2. This is costly, and is definitely something I would have to budget for. However, I truly appreciate the critical thinking included in this program, because I think that is such an important skill kids need to learn as they get older. I also liked the support provided by the teachers addition and the website. I would definitely recommend Write with World! You can find out more about this program here:

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*Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of this program for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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