God’s Great Covenant

As Christian homeschool parents, my husband and I feel teaching our kids about God is the very center of what we need to do. We do read the Bible daily with our children, work on memory verses, and have time set aside for our boys to do their own reading and devotions. Each year, I do like to include a Bible study as well. For this review, we got to check out God’s Great Covenant New Testament 1 by Classical Academic Press, and we really liked it!

The curriculum is the story of Jesus’ life told through the gospels. It begins with lessons about who Jesus is, and the prophecies that were told about Him, and continues to tell about His life, death, and resurrection. The book begins with a timeline, and gives information about the geographical region where Jesus’ life occurred. It also gives information about the politics of the time, and introduces you to “Simon” a fictional boy who lives in the area of Jareth about this time. Simon will show up in lessons to tell you about what his life was like, living at the time of Jesus.

The teacher’s edition of the book comes with copies of the printed pages from the student edition, as well as valuable notes you can use when doing the lesson.

I found this helpful to give my son additional background information that related to the lesson. The teacher’s edition also includes answer keys for lesson reviews and quizzes (which I find very helpful 🙂 ).

Each lesson begins with information about the lesson theme (i.e. “The Son of Man is the eternal God who becomes Man”), portions of scripture for the student to read, and a memory passage to work on. There are also charts featuring key facts for the lesson, vocabulary and important things to know. One feature I thought was really cool was the “prophecy fulfilled” section. This told you about OT prophecies that were fufilled by the information you will learn in this lesson. I thought this was a great way to tie the OT and the NT together. Lessons also have short reading sections (story time) and sometimes feature maps as well.

Lessons also end with review worksheets, and each unit has a review of the concepts as well as the memory work involved in the lesson.

I found this curriculum to be very informative, but the lessons weren’t long and drawn out, which is good, because we typically did them three days each week after our family Bible reading time. My 5th grade son found the lessons engaging, and he completed them mostly on his own. This curriculum is designed for 2nd-6th grades, and I think it would work for those levels. At the younger end, you may have to read the lessons out loud, but an older child could definitely read them on his own. At any rate, if you wanted to use the same curriculum across a few grade levels, I think you could do that with God’s Covenant. You would either read it all together, or the parent could read to the younger students while the older ones read on their own, or the older kids to read to the younger ones. Once you got done, everyone could participate in the discussion, and then each student could complete the worksheets as they are able. Also, for an additional purchase, you can download audio files to go with the curriculum. They include audio recordings of thirty-two stories from the Gospels that the whole family could listen to together. These were very well done and we enjoyed listening to them!

We liked this curriculum a lot, and I am looking at purchasing the OT version for next year. I appreciated the simple, easy to follow set up and my son enjoyed the lessons and the activities.

There are a few ways to purchase God’s Great Covenant. The student edition (workbook) costs $26.95, the teacher’s edition costs $29.95, and the audio download is $9.95. If you feel comfortable not using the teacher’s edition, you could go without it if you wanted to, but I wouldn’t choose to do that personally. You can also purchase a bundle of all three products for $56.95, and I think this is a really good deal!! If you have already done the NT, Classical Academic Press also has this curriculum for the OT as well!

You can get more information about God’s Great Covenant here:

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*Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this curriculum for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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