Things Remembered

Our blog cruise topic for this week is “What’s the one thing you hope your children remember from their childhood?” Hmmmm….well, turns out that’s a much more complicated topic than I originally thought.

To begin with, I started reflecting on my own childhood. What were the things that really stood out to me? I grew up on a 5-acre farm in the middle of nowhere. There were two other kids in my neighborhood to play with, one boy, and one girl. Nevertheless, we had fun. I remember riding 4-wheelers in the back pasture, while trying to avoid the cows!! I remember nights sitting outside looking at the stars. Where we lived was far from the city, so without night pollution, it was really dark, and you could see SO many stars with the naked eye. I remember sleepovers at other friends houses, and chasing the ice cream truck for blocks!!

Out of all these memories though, what really stands out to me are the things I would DO with my nana and pop-pop (they raised me). Since they were  retired, we took a road trip every single summer. As a girl, I drove across country to California, all the way up the East Coast to see Niagara Falls, and into the midwest. I remember the first time I saw the big oil rigs in Texas, and the time we took a detour off the highway to stop at a little local Indian Museum I wanted to see. I remember being in awe of the size of the Grand Canyon, and the shock I felt when I first set foot in the very cold Pacific Ocean!

I know my grandparents scrimped and saved to give me “things”. I had Barbies, and toys and all that stuff. But my nana also read to me every night, and that is where I get my love of books. I may have outgrown Barbie, but give me a good book and a rainy night and I am a happy camper. 🙂 You see, to me, the things I had are not what I remember most, my most treasured memories are of the times we spent together doing things. The EXPERIENCES I had are what stands out to me now. And I think that is the kind of childhood I want my kids to have too.

When they look back on their lives here in our home, I want my boys to remember love and laughter and time spent together. I want them to remember that even though they may not have had a lot of the latest “stuff”, they did have a mom and dad who made it a point to go camping with them, and take them to the beach and just spend time with them. To us, this is one BIG reason why we homeschool. As an adult, you realize just how quickly childhood passes by. My husband and I want to be able to enjoy all of it WITH our kids. We want them to have experiences, not things. And we want them to know that being with them was the most important thing to us.

So I guess that’s the answer. When my kids get older I want them to remember that raising them was our top priority. And that spending time with them was what we chose to do, even if it meant a LOT of sacrifice on our part. You know why? Because children are an incredible blessing from the Lord, and they deserve that.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories? Leave a comment to let me know. To see what other TOS Crew members had to say about this topic, click here:

One thought on “Things Remembered

  1. I would agree that the experiences, the journey, is what I would want them to remember. All the fun, crazy, silly, goofy times we’ve had. And from what they remember and bring up every now and then, I would say that’s exactly what they are remembering. 🙂

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