Judah Bible Curriculum

Judah Bible Curriculum is a Bible program based on the Principle Approach. The idea is for you to study the Bible daily with your children, using the Bible as your textbook. The Principle Approach desires to “build character in teacher and student, capable of sustaining liberty”.

With this curriculum, you will study portions of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation each year according to 5 “themes”. These are:
1. Creation (Genesis 1-11)
2. The Plan of Redemption Begins (Genesis 12-Ruth)
3. The Kingdom of Israel (I Samuel-Malachi)
4. The Kingdom of God (Matthew-John)
5. The Early Church (Acts-Revelation).

Basically, each theme is broken down weekly, and you work with that. For example, the first week focused on Genesis 1-2 and creation. My children and I began with prayer and reading and discussing the Bible passage. Then, each day, we filled out a Key sheet (which is a printable included in the curriculum) related to what we discussed.

The Key sheets were nice, as I felt they were able to help us focus our thoughts when discussing and analyzing the Bible passage. The “key events” sheet had four columns, with a heading (i.e. Causes/Key individuals/principles of civil gov.), with some leading questions to get us started. Now, I will say that some of the discussion, specifically the government part, and the part about historical significance, was a little much for my youngest son (5th grade) to wrap his head around. For the most part, I just had him fill out the first two columns, and then my older son and I (8th grade) worked together on the other two. I do think these were good concepts for my almost-highschooler to explore…as much as we may want to seperate “church and state” in our society, the two do intersect and influence each other. I like that this curriculum gets my older son thinking critically about that!

Over the next four days of the week, my boys and I worked on the key individuals sheet, the key institutions, and the key documents. We always worked on these together. This is a program that requires a LOT of involvement on the part of the parent. It’s definitely not the kind of Bible Study you could just hand your kids and expect them to do. I didn’t feel like it required a particularly large amount of planning on my part, because once we got the hang of it, we just kind of did the same thing with each weekly theme. However, it does feel like a lot to wrap your head around at first.

I had heard of the Principle Approach prior to using this curriculum, but I was not really familiar with it. The program might be easier to implement if you are already using a similar approach in your schooling to begin with. However, the people at Judah Bible do have resources available to help you. First, there are downloads of lectures you can listen to, in order to help you understand how to use the curriculum. I am not so much an auditory learner, so I found I had to listen to these a few times while also going through the materials to really get a feel for the program. I did really appreciate the examples they had available of the key sheets that had already been filled out. Looking at them, I felt I had a better idea of how to use them myself. There are also clear directions for how to set up the notebook that you would use with the program.

To order the Judah Bible Curriculum online, which includes the manual (in ebook format), the elementary notebook ideas booklet, and the teacher training seminars, it will cost you $44.00. A hard copy of the program, which includes the same materials but in print or on CD, will cost you $74.00. These prices are not bad at all, considering you are getting a pretty in-depth curriculum that you can use year after year. My only consideration for this would be the ages of my children. I think the ideas in Judah Bible are very appropriate for my older son, but they are still a little too advanced for my younger one. I probably would not use this curriculum with a student younger than 7th grade, unless the Principle Approach is something you and they are already comfortable with. To find out more about Judah Bible Curriculum, click here:


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*Disclaimer: I was given free access to this curriculum for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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