Winding down…

AHH! Can you feel that? It’s summer!! Although it has felt like summer for quite some time here in Florida, I can say that our school year officially ends in two weeks!! For me, it’s always hard to tell exactly when we will end, because that depends on how many “off” days we have during the year, but we will officially end about a week after local schools.

I have to admit, we didn’t quite finish ALL of our curruiculum, which is hard for me. As a former teacher, I KNOW that most students don’t finish their entire textbook by the end of the year, but for some reason, as a homeschooler, I almost feel like I have to. It’s almost like I am pressuring myself to do MORE than the public schools do, and I wonder why?

I got my boys SAT 10 scores back for the year, and they did EXCELLENT! Seriously, there has been so much growth, and I am so thankful for that!! I think I just need to remind myself that finishing the books isn’t the most important thing….

I am really looking forward to summer this year. For some reason, the second half of the school year was really hard for us this time. Maybe it’s because my hubby got injured at work and we were dealing with that, along with other medical problems. Or maybe it was the move that occurred mid-year, at any rate, we are all ready for a break. I plan to give my kids a couple of weeks off, and then just have them do some daily math practice along with 20 minutes of reading and journaling. I think it’s important for my kids to not take a complete break for 2 months, because they will forget things, but at the same time, I don’t like to make the work too hard.

In between, I am looking forward to our family vacation to the mountains of NC and a few days alone with my hubby when the kids to grandma’s for a week! 🙂 Of course, now I also have to think about next year….I haven’t gotten ANY curriculum yet, and I have to admit, that kind of gives me panic attacks at night. I think maybe I’m dragging my feet because my oldest starts high school next year, and that makes me nervous!! After giving myself a week off, I have determined that I will spend some time on the web researching and ordering stuff…but for now, I just want to wrap up these next two weeks, and enjoy some time off!! Happy Summer!!

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