Recapping the year and looking ahead!

Well, we have officially be done with school for almost a week now, and after a few days of relaxing and getting some much needed spring cleaning done around my house, I am ready to start thinking about next year!!

I always like to begin by looking back at the previous year and kind of trying to decide what worked, and what didn’t! We had a great time with history, my youngest son has finally mastered all of his math facts, and my older son did pretty well in pre-algebra. Our test scores came back, and they were excellent! I do know that I have to beef up writing for my younger son next year, as this is an area where he still needs work. And I have to admit, right now, the thought of starting high school with my oldest tends to send jolts of panic through my body!! 🙂

High school!! Already??? Wow. I am both excited and nervous about this part of our homeschool journey. Science and math, in particular, make me very nervous. (LOL). However, I know that I am not alone in this task, and I trust that God will lead me in the right direction. My biggest concerns now are finding the right curriculum, and deciding whether to outsource those subjects I am not comfortable with, or go with a video or online course or something else. Sigh….I am so very grateful for the amazing amounts of choices we have as homeschoolers, but honestly, sometimes the sheer number of options is overwhelming. I will likely spend a good chunk of the next few weeks online doing endless research!! (and of course, I still have to sort through our books from this year and decide what to keep, what to sell etc. as well as finish filing my boys work in their portfolios! Yes, I am a procrastinator 🙂 )

For now, I am looking forward to a few mini-vacations we will be taking this summer, and I do plan to enjoy some of this time off! I hope you all have a lovely summer as well.

2 thoughts on “Recapping the year and looking ahead!

  1. Sounds like some great plans for the summer. I’m sure you will get things figured out for your highschooler and the curriculum will be great.

    • Thanks!! I am looking forward to this summer…and I am hopeful about high school. Fortunately, I know quite a few ladies who have been there before me so I can ask them for advice!

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