Pearson Homeschool–My Math Lab Alg. 1

Pearson Homeschool offers a variety of products for homeschoolers in grades K-12. For this review, I received access to their My Math Lab Algebra 1 program. I used this with my oldest son, who completed pre-algebra this year, as an 8th grader, and is moving into 9th grade. This is a digital product, which involves you and your child accessing the content of the program on the internet. My Math Lab includes both parent and student access codes.
Now first, I have to say that advanced math is not my strong suit, nor is it for my oldest boy (guess he gets that from me 🙂 ). In our house, my husband and my younger boy are the math lovers. Therefore, I was very nervous about starting upper-level math with my son as he went into high school. Obviously, math is important, and I wanted to make sure he would be successful. I had been stressing out about signing up for a co-op, doing an online or video product etc. when the chance to review this came up, and I was very happy to do so.
I have to say, I wasn’t sure about an all-online program at first (I mean, don’t you need a textbook for math??). Wow, was I impressed with this Pearson program!! First of all, once you sign up, it is very easy to navigate. You have to register an account for both you and your child, using your specific access code, but the directions are very specific and easy to follow. Once you are set up, as the parent you can monitor assignments, grades, set up your calendar, change the mastery level for assignments etc. etc. This was a blessing, because sometimes I find it difficult to wrap my head around how to manage these online programs!
The math itself was excellent!! Your child has access to an interactive e-textbook (which my sound found very clear and easy to use) and lessons are basically just click and go! After your child goes through the textbook portion, they work on the “homework” assignment, which is just practice problems related to the lesson. The number of problems vary, but even when there were 30 problems, I would say it didn’t take my son more than hour to complete, which I think is an acceptable amount of time for upper level math. If you have a student who is “mathy” they may finish sooner.
The problems are well laid out, with lots of support for the student. Sometimes there is a short video, that gives and example of how to do the problem. There are also many other prompts, like “help me solve this problem” which will basically give your child a step by step example of the problem they are working on, but with different numbers. If your child does miss a problem, they correct solution is shown, along with the option of “try another one like this” so your child can practice the problem again! The immediate feedback was SO incredible helpful for my son! He could get help as he was doing the problem, which led to less errors for him, and MUCH less frustration (he hates getting things wrong!)
I love that the Pearson Homeschool motto seems to be “Because you know what matters most”. I do know what is most important for my child, but like anyone, sometimes I need a little help getting that across to him. Up to this point, math has been a struggle for my oldest child and I. I wouldn’t say he is now a math lover, but My Math Lab is by far the program he enjoys doing most. He really feels confident in his knowledge at the end of the lesson, and I like the fact that if I need to, I can sit there and go through the lesson with him and help him when necessary, but he can also do a lot of this on his own. He took his first quiz in the course(there are periodic quizzes and tests throughout) and did very well. He was so proud of himself!! I will definitely be looking at purchasing My Math Lab Algebra 2 when we get there, and I really hope they make one for geometry!!
The best part about this program is the VERY reasonable cost!! A lot of the online/DVD programs I was looking at were in the hundreds of dollars!! My Math Lab only costs $49.97 for the student access kit and $30.00 for the parent access kit. I think this is very reasonable!! To learn more about My Math Lab and other Pearson products, visit their website here:
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*Disclaimer: I received free access to this product in exchange for writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

2 thoughts on “Pearson Homeschool–My Math Lab Alg. 1

  1. Nice review. We really struggled with the set up of this at first but now, I love it! I really like that it grades it all and keeps track of it for me 🙂 My son likes the instant feedback- it motivates him.

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