Creation Illustrated Magazine

Do you, or your child, like to read magazines about nature? Do you love to see beautiful pictures and learn about far away places? Would you like to have all of this written from a Christian point of view? If so, then Creation Illustrated is for you! Called “the Christian answer to National Geographic” Creation Illustrated is a magazine devoted to exploring God’s world!

Published four times a year, this magazine features articles, pictures, and even recipes!! Each magazine is divided into three sections, Nature, Scripture, and Living, to provide “Mental, spiritual, and physcial enrichment”. For this review, I received four issues of Creation Illustrated to peruse, and I loved them!

First of all, the pictures are truly just beautiful! One issue featured hummingbirds, and another stars, and I honestly wished I could blow the photos up and frame them! The articles are well written, with scriptural references to passages of the Bible that point to God’s hand in creation. I particularly enjoyed the “My Walk with God” articles, which describe the authors personal experience with God in creation.

Since, in our family, we will typically browse magazines and share things we find while we are eating dinner, I put these on the dinner table one night. Not only did my kids enjoy reading them, but my husband did too!! My youngest son loved all the animal pictures, and my husband really liked how the articles are so God-focused. We had fun sharing and discussing the different articles (and passing the magazines around) for many days!

As I mentioned, recipes are featured in the magazine as well, and they come in convenient cut out 3X5 card size. I cut them out and showed them to my kids, and they picked a couple to try out. The creation stewardship section also led to many good discussions in our family!

At the end of each issue, there is an instructional guide, that features questions for discussion as well as suggested activities that relate to the theme of the magazine. Though we had our own active discussions after reading the articles, I did go back and choose a few questions and activities from this section for use later!

There could be so many uses for Creation Illustrated in your homeschool. You really could use them as a basis for a unit study, or save them for additional reading when you come across a useful topic, or just put them out for general reading (I have one child who loves to read non-fiction, and the short articles in magazines are right up his alley! 🙂 )

A subscription to Creation Illustrated will cost you $19.95 for one year (4 issues), $37.95 for two years, or $53.95 for three years. I am seriously considering a subscription for this next year, just because we all liked it so much. You can receive a free issue by clicking here! I definitely recommend that you check this out! For more information, visit the website here:

Creation Illustrated

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*Disclaimer: I received free access to this product for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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