Camping Anyone?

Our blog cruise topic for this week is summer camping. Well, we are an outdoors family and we love setting up the tent and cooking over a campfire!! However, we live in Florida, and summer camping down here is usually hot…sticky..and plagued with mosquitoes!! So, down here we look for alternatives to traditional camping!!

One option is to use one of the cabins available at our many state parks, like one at Hontoon Island. This is a beatiful park accessible only by boat, with hiking, fishing and other activities available. Cabins are affordable, costing $30-$35 per night. They include an indoor fan, as well as a screened in porch to protect you from the bugs.

Another option is to camp in an area close to one of our freshwater springs, which even in the summer, are refreshingly cool. Ocala National Forest has many of these! (In Florida it is important to stick with swimming in cool water when you are freshwater swimming, because of the danger of amoebas! And of course, we are always on the lookout for alligators!) If you have an RV, then there are also many options for you, including camping at Disney’s Fort Wilderness resort!

A third great option is indoor camping at some of our local attractions like the Orlando Science Center! In cases like that, not only do you get to “camp out”, but there are also many cool activities involved!!

When all else fails, and the urge for our boys to “camp” strikes and the weather is less than perfect, we let them set up their individual tents in their bedrooms and pull out the sleeping bags! For some reason, even though they are still in their bedrooms, my boys think this is really fun!! We do look forward to when the weather cools down and we can pack up the tent and go have some fun!! How is summer camping where you live?

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