But mom!! It’s sooooo hot!!

Our topic for this week’s blog cruise is “ways to beat the summer heat”. This is an especially appropriate topic for us since we live in Florida and yes, our summers are hot!! Not only can the heat be frustrating, it can also be downright dangerous! These are some of the things we do at my house to make the heat bearable, and stay safe while enjoying the sun.

Summer sun rule #1: ALWAYS wear sunscreen, even if you aren’t planning on swimming. We all know that sunburns carry health risks, but the fact is, a sunburned child is often an unhappy, cranky child…and I try to avoid having unhappy, cranky children as much as possible! 🙂 When my boys go out to play in the morning, I always sunscreen their faces, ears, arms, and the back of their neck. If we are playing in the pool or at the beach I sunscreen everywhere!! Sunscreen doesn’t last all day, so I make sure to reapply at lunchtime! Our local dollar store usually gets a batch of sunscreen in sometime around the beginning of summer….when they do, I buy a bunch to stock up!! (I love the dollar store!!)

Summer sun rule #2: Stay hydrated!! This is SO very important. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic, and in the summer they run a LOT of calls related to dehydration, often in children. This is mainly because, when kids are out playing and having a good time, they aren’t thinking about how hot it is or how much they need to drink. As a rule, my kids have to drink a cup of water whenever they come inside during the summer (whether it’s a bathroom trip, to get a snack or whatever) before they can go outside again. I also keep popsicles, frozen fruit bars, and bags of frozen fruit in the outside freezer this time of year. The boys (and their friends) can go and grab some whenever they want, and these things provide hydration as well!

Summer sun rule #3: Try to avoid being outside for long periods during the hottest part of the day. For us, this is about noon until 2:30 or so. During this time of the day, I encourage my boys (again with their friends) to come in, watch some TV, play some games etc. We don’t allow a ton of television and video during the summer, but I figure a couple hours a day isn’t going to kill them, and it gives them something to do during those hours when the heat can be downright dangerous.

Summer sun rule #4: Whenever possible, stay wet!! As a family, we enjoy swimming and playing games in the pool, and going to the beach to surf and fish. When the temperature outside is pushing 95 or above, it’s great to have the cool water to jump into! Often in the summer, our waterparks (like Wet-n-Wild in Orlando) offer a deal where if you buy a one day ticket you can get into the park the rest of the year for free! We try to take advantage of these offers whenever we can. We love to go to the park and ride the rides, and the waterparks actually let you bring in your own coolers, so you can pack a lunch and bring some drinks and save yourself some money. It’s definitely worth the drive!

Summer sun rule #5: Find alternate activities that keep you in the AC!! My best friend and I like taking our boys to the $1.00 movies that a local theater offers on Tuesdays. We see whatever is playing (it’s always kid-friendly) and we have a good time all while enjoying the cool indoor temperatures. We also like taking the kids to our local Barnes and Noble to hang out, as well as the library. These are good alternatives to keep our kids entertained and also out of the sun.

These are some of the things that we do to enjoy the summer sun, while avoiding heat-related problems!! What do you do in the summer to avoid the heat where you live? To see what other members of the crew had to say about this topic, click here:



One thought on “But mom!! It’s sooooo hot!!

  1. I lived in Florida for about 10 years and oh how I remember that summer heat! As hot as our summer has been, I am glad mine doesn’t last as long as yours, but you do have many more fun ways to beat the heat there though, such as surfing. Anyway, those are great tips that everyone should heed!

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