Create Better Writers

Create Better Writers is a writing program designed with homeschool teachers in mind!! It is designed to make it easy for you to teach multiple levels at once, it gives you an entire plan you can follow for grades 3-12, and it is aimed at making the whole writing process easier for reluctant writers!!

The first component of this program, the Home School Writing Action Plan is a step by step plan for you to use for all of your writing instruction for your students. It begins with instructing you on teaching your kids how to write a paragraph, and then expands to essays, research reports, etc. The best thing about this is that, while it does reference other products from Create Better Writers, you can simply apply the action plan to other curriculum you already have in place if you want!!

The action plan includes a pacing guide, which references which sections of each book you want to cover each semester (a really nice touch for a busy homeschool mom!!) but you are free to plan when and how to cover those sections on your own! ( I really appreciate the flexibility there 🙂 ). The program progresses from paragraph writing, to sentence building (with instructions on writing tricks like phrases, appositives, dialogue), and moves on to vocabulary and writing assessment. Honestly, just working through some of these activities alone could keep you busy for a while!

The first book in the program is How to Write a Paragraph ebook. This book is aimed at grades 3 and up, but I used it with my (very) reluctant soon to be 6th grader. With this boy, writing is a chore. He has lots of ideas he loves to express verbally, but getting him to put them on paper in a logical order is a challenge!! I really liked the clear directions in this book for the parents. It makes the whole thing very open-and-go, which is nice!! The “paper set up” trick is a very simple graphic organizer any student can use anywhere, at any time!! This makes it a valuable tool for years to come. Printable worksheets are available, as is a great paragraph assessment sheet your kids can easily use on their own!!

How to Teach the Five-Paragraph Essay is another component of the program I got to look at. Aimed at grades 4-12, it also provides detailed lesson plans for you to use to help your child develop a strong essay. Included in this e-book is a pacing chart, which again spells out very clearly what to do each day, and then a detailed lesson for each step of the program. I used this portion with my soon to be 9th grade son. He appreciated how they broke the individual steps into even smaller steps!! (He even told me, “the way they explain this just makes writing so easy!!”)

And, I think that is what is really the big draw of this program for me, it really does take writing (which, when looked at “big picture” can seem pretty intimidating) and simplifies it so it IS easy!! The Homeschool Action Plan in itself is a fantastic resource for any homeschool parent, but when you add in the other available ebooks, you have a great total program as well!

They also have grammar and writing tricks books available, as well as vocabulary practice included in their “The Complete Writing Program” book.

The cost of this program will depend on whether you want to buy individual components, or one of the bundles they have available. The Home School Writing Action Plan costs $19.95, How to Write a Paragraph costs $7.99, and How to Teach the Five-Paragraph essay costs $17.95 for the ebook, and $22.95 for a soft cover edition.

There are also various bundles available, ranging from $64.00 for the soft cover bundle of those three books, to $134.00 for the super bundle, which includes those three plus the Writing Tricks Plus book, the Complete Writing Program, and one grade level of the Standards Based Grammar. They also have other bundles in between those. Personally, I appreciate the range of choices provided so you can find something that fits your budget. For more information on pricing, please click here:

To learn more about Create Better Writers, visit their website here:

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**Disclaimer: I was given free access to this product for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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