Our Reasons Why

Our blog cruise topic for this week is “Why homeschool?”. This is always an appropriate topic, because I seem to get asked the question “Why woud you want to homeschool your kids??” at least once a week!! (The question is usually accompanied by suspicious looks, and some eye-rolling).

So, what made my husband and I decide to make this radical change in our lives three years ago? After all, I was a teacher, and my kids were at school with me every day, I could monitor them at school, and they would still get the instruction they needed plus all the social interaction they wanted there. Not to mention, my husband is a firefighter, and we certainly needed my income. Why would we give all that up??

Well, the first answer is simple: God told us to. The Lord laid on my heart a few years earliers that He wanted me to bring my boys home. At first, I was resistant to the idea…and my husband, well, he wouldn’t even consider it. However, the thing about God is, He is relentless when it comes to working on your heart, and as we all know, when He tells you to do something, you really just need to go ahead and do it!!

As time went on, and our boys got older, we began to notice subtle character changes in them we did NOT like. Even though I spent a LOT of time with my kids (driving to and from school, seeing them in the hallway, doing homework, bedtime etc. etc.), I often went to be feeling dissatisfied, like I wasn’t truly engaged with them. This thought troubled me, and as my husband and I began to note how our kids were becoming more and more a reflection of their friends, and less and less a reflection of God, we both knew something needed to change.

That is when we made the decision that I would stop working and homeschool the boys. The decision wasn’t without consequences, we had to make some major changes in our lives to live solely on my husband’s income (including the eventual loss of our home), but there were a lot of positive changes too. My kids smile a lot more, they laugh, they seem less stressed in general. Their academics have only gotten better since we withdrew them (especially for my younger, reluctant-reader, reluctant-writer, reluctant to sit still boy!! 🙂 ). We as a family are closer and we spend a LOT more time just being together, we talk more, and most importantly, my kids get to study God’s word and learn about Him every day, all day!!

That doesn’t mean this homeschooling thing is easy. Some days there are arguments, work that doesn’t get finished, things that come up and get in the way, and financially, we struggle. However, the sacrifice is more than worth it when we consider the fact that we are raising our children up in the Lord every day. Are you thinking about homeschooling? Are you already a homeschooler who just needs a little reminder of why we do what we do? To see what other members of the crew had to say on this topic (and get inspired yourself!) click here:



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