King Alfred’s English

King Alfred’s English written by Laurie J. White, is a combination history and english book all about the English language. A homeschool mom, and English major, Laurie started by writing an article on the history of English, and ended up with a whole book!! Chosen by CBD as one of the top 10 picks for homeschoolers in January 2010, this book will give your child (and probably you too) a whole new perspective on the English language. And the website includes links for supplemental materials including worksheets, tests and movies you can use to make this a curriculum for your child.

The book begins with Julius Ceaser’s invasion of “Brittania” and moves into sections about Old English, Middle English, the making of the English Bible, and Modern English. Along the way, you will learn interesting facts about grammar, vocabulary, and people that influenced the language we speak today. The book also includes a lot of information about how Christianity spread to England (and then on to other countries).

I will be honest with you, when this book came in the mail, I read it first! Laurie White’s style of writing is very engaging, and I found the book easy to read, and humorous in many parts. I learned a LOT of things I didn’t know (and I am a former English teacher!). For example, did you know there was an Old English letter called “thorn” that stands for the “th” sound? Or that Old English used the letter combination “hw” instead of “wh” like we do now? The word “while” was spelled “hwil”, and even though we no longer spell it that way, we still pronounce the beginning sound as “hw”. Personally, I found this fascinating (but I’m kind of a book nerd 🙂 )

Laurie has also put together some great extras on her website for you to use along with the book when you are using it, and they are all free!! The links include movies you can use, websites with additional information, literature, and even primary sources you can access on the internet. The teacher page inlcudes printable worksheets for each chapter, and section tests as well (complete with answers!!) Altogether, the supplemental material gives you enough to flesh out a full semester.

You can purchase King Alfred’s English online at ($16.95) and other online bookstores. Prices vary, and it is available at CBD for $14.89.

To find out more about King Alfred’s English and all that Laurie White has to offer, check out the website here:

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**Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


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