Vocabulary Spelling City

Spelling and vocabulary are very important parts of both writing and reading. I am constantly looking for products that will help my youngest son grow in this area! Vocabulary Spelling City is a web-based program that is a great resource for instruction in these areas. I have previously used the Spelling City website, but it has been updated and the newer version has even more to offer!!

As the teacher, you add your students and set up your account. You can add your own spelling and vocabulary lists for your kids to use, but they also have suggested word lists set up by grade and subject area. Once you have added your words for the week, you kids can log in and get learning!!

Once your students have accessed their list, they can select from a number of options. “Teach me” allows them to hear the word read to them, spelled to them and then listen to a definition. The test option allows them to take a test on the words, and “play a game” gives them an opportunity to practice their words using fun games!

As the teacher, you can log in and track your students progress and grades. The reports tell you what your child has done, when they were working, and the gradebook does all the scoring for you!! How easy is that?? Honestly, this is a great website for a busy homeschool mom, especially if your child likes computer games. I also like the fact that the words are read out loud, and, as they are spelled, each letter appears on the screen. This helps both audio and visual learners.

But, that is not all that Vocabulary Spelling City has to offer. They also have Language Arts lessons, on topics like analogies, antonyms, synonyms and much more! The lessons include a video that teaches the concept, and then your child can play games to practice. There are also two writing activities (sentence and paragraph writing) that allow students to practice writing and use the words from their lists!!

The website also has plenty of support for teachers. There are several videos available that explain how to use the features on the website and answer frequently asked questions.

When my son found out we were using Vocabulary Spelling City again, he was really excited!! He genuinely enjoys the games and activities, and that makes teaching spelling and vocabulary so much easier for me!! I like being able to track his progress daily, and he really does well on his spelling and vocabulary quizzes.

You can register on the website and save lists for free. But in order to have access to all of the features, a premium membership will cost you $29.99 per year (for up to 5 students). I think this is a great price for what you get!! We will be keeping our membership up to date for a long time!

To learn more about Vocabulary Spelling City, check out their website here:


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**Disclaimer: I was given free access to this product for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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