Excitement!! Anxiety!! Yep, it’s the start of another school year!

Whew!! I finally got to order my homeschool materials for this school year this week, and they are on their way! Usually I have this done much earlier than this, but due to my hubby getting injured and having to be off work for 6 months, we were not able to get the money together like we usually do. I have been stressing for a while about how we were going to get what we needed, but God came through like he always does.

Now, or course, I am anticipating getting started and I am in the process of organizing and sorting through last year’s materials. That’s a lot of work!! I am very excited about starting this year, and I am really looking forward to all of the things we are going to study, but, since it will my oldest son’s first year of high school, I am also a little nervous.

I have spent a lot of time poring over graduation requirements, methods for keeping track of hours in order to assign credit, and how to set up transcripts. Wow! Homeschooling high school is definitely going to be more work than elementary and middle school. However, I am fortunate to know some moms who have gone this route already, and I plan to lean on them for advice. 🙂

We also have our fall garden that we still need to plant….and that requires some planning too, so I have plenty to keep me busy right now. I can’t believe my son is starting high school….while this does make me nervous, I am excited to see how God’s plan unfolds in his life over the next four years, and thankful that I get to be such a big part of it!


4 thoughts on “Excitement!! Anxiety!! Yep, it’s the start of another school year!

  1. We have started school this week, and now both of our kids are in high school. You are right, it’s a bit more work with keeping records and transcripts, but so far my kids are doing great. I hope your curriculum comes in soon, and what a blessing that the Lord provided for it. 🙂

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