Math 911

Math 911 is a program created by Professor Martin Weissman, a former New York City math teacher. The program is designed to teach upper-level math using a mastery approach. Students work through each section of the program (including exams) on the computer. Math 911 does not include games or graphics, it is a straightforward tutorial math program designed to help students master upper-level math. I used the algebra program with my son for this review.

This program doesn’t include instruction in the form of lessons or videos. When the student accesses Math 911 they are given a list of topics. Once they click on a topic (i.e. “equations”), they immediately begin to work problems related to that topic. If they get a question correct, they move on to the next one, if it is wrong, it is not counted in their score. Students can click on “see solution” and then go through the problem step by step to “see” how to solve it. They then work more problems of the same kind.

Dr. Weissman believes that the mastery approach is very effective, especially for struggling learners. I tend to agree, because it eliminates the feeling of always getting the answer “wrong”, which leads to frustration. Math 911 provided a good source of extra practice for my son. Math is not one of his strong points, and while we are using another algebra program, I find that he sometimes needs extra practice on certain types of problems sometimes, and this is a good resource for this practice. I had him go through those sections that he struggled with in his daily math for review before we moved on to another topic.

Because it doesn’t provide step by step “instruction” in the form of lessons or videos, I don’t think I could use this as a complete math program for my 9th grader. However, it could easily be used along with another program for practice, or perhaps with something like Khan Academy (a free math video website).

The Math 911 Algebra I course can be downloaded for free at the website. To upgrade to the Premier Version, which includes several other courses like College Algebra, Statistics and Trig, the cost is $49.95. With this subscription, you also get free technical support! Math 911 is currently running a special where you can upgrade to the Premier version for $9.95, which is a great deal. Scroll to the bottom of the page on the website for the coupon code. For more information about this product check out the website here:

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**Disclaimer: I was given free access to this product for the purpose of writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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