Just when we get on a roll….

I should have known. Things were going so well. We had settled into a routine, for school, for chores, for shopping…and then, the flu hit!! Why is it that just when you get into a groove something happens to throw everything off??? Usually if it’s just the kids who get sick it’s not too disruptive. But, this time, I went down first and I was in bed for three days!! It’s kind of funny, because my oldest son made the comment “You don’t realize how much mom does around here until she stops doing it!!”

So, for those three days nothing got done. NO housework, or cooking, or school. I am very fortunate that my hubby and kids worked really hard to take care of me (and to let me rest), but they lived on Mac and Cheese and PBJ sandwiches the whole time. And then, just when I was feeling better, my hubby and my oldest boy got sick! My youngest followed a day later. So, basically all of last week was a wash out, and now I feel like I have to spend this week disinfecting my house and getting caught up on chores, so we are doing our basic subjects until we get the house back to normal.

Ugh!! I am a mom who likes “routine” and I have difficulty letting go when my schedule is interrupted. 🙂 I honestly think God uses times like these to teach me to be more patient and flexible, and it’s a lesson I have to keep learning over and over. I keep telling myself “we homeschool, it’s not a big deal, we will make the time up”, but that lost week really irritates me. Of course, if they were in school we still would have probably lost the week, and then they would have a bunch of make up work to do, so I realize it’s better that I can just put school on “hold” at times like this, it’s just that tiny little control freak in my brain likes to point out that “this is not going according to plan”. Sigh…..like I said, I need to work on letting go of things.

I am thankful that we are all feeling better, and I hope you manage to keep the flu out of your house this year. How do you handle sick days at your house? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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